We will advise you about where to go based on your preferences, but you decide.

As a reference we will cover the area between Paraty and the Mamangua fjord. Just for comparison to other trips: Praia Vermelha, Ilha da Pescaria, Saco da Velha, Ilha da Cotia, Praia do Engenho (Saco do Mamangua), lunch stop and Ilha do Mantimento.

For our lunch stop we have restaurants we can recommend you restaurants at different locations: Saco do Mamangua, Ilha do Algodão and Praia Vermelha.

All options will be explained in detail on the day of your trip.


Our trips cover approximately 60km travelled between departure and arrival back to the city. Compare and see that no other tours will cover this much distance, with some trips doing not even over 15km. Of course there are cheaper options, but you will not cover the same distance or visit the same places.

We will take you through the bay of Paraty. Your itinerary, departure time and trip duration are all customizable. Other common stops include: Pouso da Cajaíba, Sapeca Island, Conceição Beach, Mantimento Island, Praia Grande watefall, and many more.